jetpack-logoHi there. As you may or may not have seen in a previous post the Jetpack Publizice feature doesn’t work as it should and used to. It occurs when posting to Facebook. And as you can read on the support forums a lot of people are suffering this at the moment. It apparently has been going on for a few weeks without a real solution. They are asking you to reconnect to facebook using these steps which does not seem to solve anyones problem.

There are rumours about a fix which works for some but not for most. Apparently this code has already been pushed by WordPress to the latest version of the Jetpack plugin. Only the first line is a little different from my local file (The first green line had some numbers at the end in my case). Not that it mattered. As I re-read that information for writing this post I realise it is a solution to not being able to connect Publicize to Facebook Pages. So scratch that.

As you can see the developers are working on it. But from what I read they have not yet found whats causing it so it might be a little longer. I will update when new information is available.
It is fixed!